About Us

Hello there! I'm the owner of Essence Music Academy College. My promise to you: Through this site I will greatly shorten the time it takes you to start seeing success in the field of music an. Forget spending years trying to learn everything through trial and error, through my easy to understand guides and advice you will gain the knowledge needed to do more with your music.

What It Take To Succeed In The Music

"Success means different things to different people, but once you hit your own personal goals, that is success."

Now don't get me wrong, succeeding in the music industry isn't easy. You'll be competing with thousands and thousands of other musicians in your genre, not to mention all the other musicians in other genres! That said, it's my aim to give you a better chance than at least 97% of those other musicians.

So if you have a good level of talent and people are going to like what they hear, we can move forward.

While I can help you with the above extremely important areas, it's also important that you work on building your talent up the whole time. After all, the last things you're going to want to do is promote yourself when you're not yet good enough to be launched into the public spotlight. I can give you the knowledge needed to get your music out there, but you have to be ready to give the people music they want to listen to!

If you're serious about your music career and are ready to get all the knowledge I have to offer, that all of which will help you to become a much more knowledgeable and successful musician.

Our Academy

We the "ESSENCE MUSIC ACADEMY COLLEGES" is being registered by INDIAN VYAPAAR CHINNAH the reg. no. is 26304/IND/S/2011 and we are also trade marked by the govt. trade mark no. is TM 01/C-41/1989660. We are affiliated by HAMS University TORRANCE, CA 90504,USA , the affiliation no. is HAMS/MP/055/12. We are running institution from 2007 and college from 2011. Our Head Office: INDORE (M.P.). Our Other Centers in india is at:- Indore, Jamshedpur, Jabalpur, Neemuch.

One Last Word

As I said, it's my aim to give you a better chance of succeeding in the music industry than 97% of the other musicians out there. I can give you the knowledge successful musicians and record labels have been using for years to get more sales and fans, but it's up to you to implement this knowledge.

If you're ready and prepared to read through the guides, as well as putting them into practice, then I look forward to teach you.

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