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"ESSENCE MUSIC ACADEMY COLLEGES" is been come up with a program to introduce a Degree as well Diploma program including course in the field of Art & Craft , Music , and Dance and many more. This extra curriculum activity will also help in leading the students in their future education as they have additional Bachelor and Master degree in particular field .


Following courses are running:-

  • Vocal Music
    1. Classical
    2. Light Classical
    3. Indian Folk
  • Instrumental Music
    1. Sitar
    2. Violin
    3. Harmonium
    4. Synthesizer
    5. Tabla
    6. Dholak
    7. Drum
    8. Guitar etc.
  • Dance
    1. Bharatnatyam
    2. Mohini Attyam
    3. Kathak
  • Art & Craft
    1. Drawing
    2. Sketching
    3. Clay Modeling
    4. Mural Art

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